Power Outage– Please READ!

Georgia Power received an alert that the power meter on the exterior of the business is overheating. Upon their inspection, they found it registering at over 700°. They said that this is a fire hazard (obviously) and that we must have an electrician come out to replace several items. They literally cut the power line to the building (I begged for them to let us stay open). We had the electrician come out today and will begin work as soon as possible. Unfortunately (for us) he has other jobs he is having to move around to accommodate us. Even after offering a “bonus” to help inspire after hours work, they aren’t able to fit us in until Friday. The materials have been purchased so we are just waiting on labor. After it is completed the city has to inspect it. Once it passes inspection, Georgia Power will come out to run a new power line and hook us back up. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. It came as a surprise to us this morning too, especially since there was only one bed running at the time of their inspection. We will extend packages once we determine the number of days we will be closed. 

The HVAC guy also came out this morning and was in the process of fixing one of the units when Georgia Power cut us off. He will be there the day power is restored to complete the repair. 

On a positive note, the new acrylics came in and were installed while we were closed. 

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2 thoughts on “Power Outage– Please READ!”

  1. I’m glad to hear that wS ” all”” it was! I was afraid we’d lost y’all for ever!!

    Glad it was caught early!! See y’all soon!

    Can you see if I have any time or credits on my account please?

    1. Sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you, Mrs. Mary! This part of the website is something we haven’t played with very much. I will send you an email with what you have on your account.

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