Pricing & Packages

Unlimited Packages
1 Month Rate3 Month Rate6 Month Rate
Genesis 15$50$135$240
We offer the Discounts below with Packages
10% products with the purchase of a 3 Month Package in any bed
20% products with the purchase of a 6 month package in any bed

Monthly Tanning with Fees
Monthly Rate of $15 - then enjoy the use of any bed at a reduced rate!
Genesis Fee $3.50 per visit
Genesis 15 Fee$4.00 per visit
SunErgo$4.50 per visit
Standup$5.00 per visit
Advantage $6.00 per visit
Turbo$7.00 per visit

Tanning without a Package Pricing
Genesis$6.00 per visit
Genesis 15$6.50 per visit
SunErgo$7.00 per visit
Stand Up$9.00 per visit
Advantage$12 per visit
Turbo$15 per visit

Next Steps…

Visit us at 111 W. May St. and allow us to take you on a tour of our facility!