The Genesis bed offers 32 lamps and 13 facial tanners of UVB rays. We have two twenty minute Genesis beds, and one fifteen minute bed. The fifteen minute version offers a slightly higher percentage of UVA.


Like the Genesis, the Sun/Ergo beds also offer a greater percentage of UVB rays. These beds offer 40 bulbs and a more barrel shape design to allow for a more even, all around tan. These are a twenty minute tanning sessions.

Stand Up

The Stand Up bed consist of 52 bulbs of mostly UVB rays. This bed has a higher wattage bulb to allow a shorter tan time of only nine minutes. Many people like stand up beds to help get those lines caused by creases when they lay.


The Advantage is a combination of UVA & UVB rays. This bed offers a flat bottom acrylic with a more dome like upper to allow for a more comfortable tan. This bed helps produce melanin in your skin while also browning the melanin you currently have present.


The Turbo bed is also known as the bronzing bed. It emits mostly UVA rays. It’s sleek design allows for the most comfort with built in air conditioning and CD player. We typically recommend laying in one of the lesser beds first to develop a good base prior to laying in this bed. It is designed to brown the melanin in your skin while the others produce it.